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Radio reaches 27.3 million Canadians weekly

Boom plays a variety of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s music from U2 to the Bee Gees, Bon Jovi to Duran Duran from the Eagles to Michael Jackson. Our radio station takes you back to the carefree times in your life. | Facebook page

2,363,136 people listen to boom 97.3 in an average week*

Boom 97.3 listeners are fairly evenly split male and female.





Boom 97.3 listeners are more likely to be 33-64, with over half (57%) in the 25-54 age group.

  • 12-17 4% 4%
  • 18-24 8% 8%
  • 25-34 13% 13%
  • 35-44 17% 17%
  • 45-54 27% 27%
  • 55-64 18% 18%
  • 65+ 13% 13%


Numeris Radio Meter R01 2019 (November 26, 2018 –
February 24, 2019), Toronto, All Week Average Weekly Cume (000) with a 15 minute non-consecutive reach condition.

* Numeris PPM R01 2019 Ontario A12+ no reach condition Not all percent sum to 100 due to rounding and non-response

Toronto’s Hip Hop has the GTA baked into it’s DNA with Drake, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez and Belly mixing it up with international superstars like Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna, streaming phenomenons Post Malone and Cardi B and throwback legend’s like 50 Cent and Jay Z. 93-5 Flow 93.5 is Toronto’s Hip Hop! | Facebook page

747,125 people listen to Flow 93.5 in an average week*

FLOW 93.5 listeners are primarily female.





FLOW 93.5 listeners are more likely to be in the 18-44 age group with 66% of listeners.

  • 12-17 9% 9%
  • 18-24 16% 16%
  • 25-34 26% 26%
  • 35-44 27% 27%
  • 45-54 11% 11%
  • 55-64 9% 9%
  • 65+ 2% 2%


Numeris Radio Meter R01 2019 (November 26, 2018 – February 26, 2019), Toronto, All Week

* Numeris PPM R01 2019 Ontario A12+ no reach condition  Not all percent sum to 100 due to rounding and non-response
Average Weekly Cume (000) with a 15 minute non-consecutive reach condition.

Programatic and Google AdWords


…where they are consuming & sharing content across the web & social media


Leverage comScore gender, age & household profiles

Adults A 25-65 Plus
Male & Female (40%/60%)


It was something we wanted to try for a month. But, since the return was so great, we decided to do a second month and a third; then proceed into a sponsorship. Patients have called specifically mentioning they have heard us on 93.5. Your listeners trust you, they listen on a daily basis, so you have a credibility with them. As an advertising, we’re able to build a relationship with your audience. And your team has been great in helping us put together a campaign that speaks directly to your listeners.

Alina Tsymbalarou
Manager – Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

It was nice that it was holistic. To have the web presence just made our campaign more robust and more exciting.

Marketing Manager, Waterview Market Shrimp

We have worked closely with Cheryl Foster of boom 97-3 Radio to develop our brand and generate sales in the Toronto and GTA marketplace.

When Cheryl first approached us last year, the only radio advertising we experienced was in Barrie where our main office was located. Toronto radio was not part of our plans as we were quite busy with our current customers and referrals.

Cheryl suggested that we consider radio advertising for the benefits of long-term branding that would generate sales today and in the future. This made sense considering we were in growth mode with a couple of new Toronto and area Showrooms.

Cheryl worked closely with us to create a solid long-term campaign coupled with a strategic tactical radio promotion. Our boom partnership has generated a lot of consumer interest that has led to many new leads and inquiries, and ultimately sales that continue to contribute to our growth and success.

Jerrold Creighton
Owner, Rockwood Kitchens

I’ve worked closely with Cheryl Foster for a couple of years now. Through persuasion and persistence she won a meeting with me, at a time when our radio budget was spent with a major competitor.

Cheryl took the time to understand our business and marketing goals. She expressed the need for effective radio creative to drive sales and enhance the Healthy Planet brand. She then took the initiative and worked closely with her Creative Team to produce excellent commercials to ultimately win our business.

These commercials have become the foundation of our radio strategy and today both Boom 97-3 and 93-5 The MOVE are integral to our marketing strategy and contribute greatly to our growth and success in the market.

Syed Rizvi
Director of Marketing & Sales, Healthy Planet


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