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Canadian radio has 89% share of ad supported audio at work1

Radio Advertising

Local Radio

Regardless of age, Canadians prefer radio that is local. With radio advertising, you can reach them while they’re at home, at work or commuting.

Wide Audience

Radio is interesting and enjoyable to all Canadians, reaching 27.3 Million people weekly, of which 5.52 are in the Toronto area2.

Inspire Action

43% of Canadians say radio helped them discover a new store or service, and 20% say they purchased a product online after hearing a radio ad3.

Radio Reaches 27.3 Million People Weekly4

Radio advertising allows you
to reach your most valuable audiences.
At exactly the right moment.
With precisely the right message.

Digital Marketing

Programmatic Technology

A unique and flexible solution to anyone seeking a hands-on approach to their digital media strategy.

Attention Advertising

Harness all publicly available view data for video campaigns and track how the content performs in real-time.

Audience Solution

Blending data from a variety of social networks to serve people ads they’re actually interested in.

It was nice that it was holistic. To have the web presence just made our campaign more robust and more exciting.

Marketing Manager, Waterview Market Shrimp

I’ve worked closely with Cheryl Foster for a couple of years now. Through persuasion and persistence she won a meeting with me, at a time when our radio budget was spent with a major competitor.

Cheryl took the time to understand our business and marketing goals. She expressed the need for effective radio creative to drive sales and enhance the Healthy Planet brand. She then took the initiative and worked closely with her Creative Team to produce excellent commercials to ultimately win our business.

These commercials have become the foundation of our radio strategy and today both Boom 97-3 and 93-5 The MOVE are integral to our marketing strategy and contribute greatly to our growth and success in the market.

Syed Rizvi
Director of Marketing & Sales, Healthy Planet

It was something we wanted to try for a month. But, since the return was so great, we decided to do a second month and a third; then proceed into a sponsorship. Patients have called specifically mentioning they have heard us on 93.5. Your listeners trust you, they listen on a daily basis, so you have a credibility with them. As an advertising, we’re able to build a relationship with your audience. And your team has been great in helping us put together a campaign that speaks directly to your listeners.

Alina Tsymbalarou
Manager – Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

Radio is an important tactical element of our marketing strategy and Cheryl Foster has worked closely with us for the past few years.

Cheryl and her team have spent time understanding our marketing goals and have developed and executed successful integrated radio and digital campaigns on both Boom 97-3 and 93-5 The MOVE.

Consistently reliable and service oriented, Cheryl and Newcap Radio have formed a solid partnership with us that will stand the test of time.

Lucy Todish
Director of Marketing, MTY Group


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