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Radio Facts

Why Canadians listen to Radio1


Want to know what’s happening in their city


Want to keep up with the latest news


Want to keep up with the latest music

Where do they listen to Radio?

At Work

Canadian AM/FM radio has 89% share of ad supported audio at work.2

In the Car

Canadian AM/FM radio has 96% share of ad supported audio in the car.3

At Home

Canadian AM/FM radio has 87% share of ad supported audio at home.4

85% of Canadians 12+ listen to AM/FM radio every week5

Radio can reach more Canadians in one week than any social platform, regardless of age.


Millennials listen to radio on their commute and online while at work.6

Gen X’ers

 Gen X’ers wake up to the radio and continue to listen on their commute7.


Boomers turn to radio for downtime, to relax, unwind, and filling spare time8.


of listeners are Male


of listeners are Female


After hearing a brand, product or service advertised on AM/FM radio, more than half of Canadian adults (53%) acted on one or more of these things9:





Radio and Digital Advertising are Complementary

Ads on radio drive consumers to the internet and inform online shopping behaviour.

Though typically unattributed to radio, nearly 5-in-10 Canadian adults say that hearing an ad on AM/FM radio led them to seek out more info online10.


I seek more information online after hearing a radio ad


Radio ads help me discover new stores/services in my town/city


Radio ads have prompted me to search on the internet for something


Purchased a product online after hearing a radio ad

$1 to $10 ratio

On average, for each $1 invested,

radio advertising yields a $10 return on advertising spend (R.O.A.S.)11.

Last spring, we worked closely with Cheryl Foster from boom 97-3 Radio.

The grocery category is very competitive and visual representation of any brand is very important, so at first we were reluctant to explore what radio could bring to the table. This did not deter Cheryl – she listened carefully to our concerns, business and marketing goals and was able to create a multi-layered radio campaign that today we deem to be a big success.

Our overall goals were brand awareness, a new product launch and ultimately lift in sales throughout the summer of 2017.

The boom 97-3 integrated radio / digital / sponsorship / contest campaign achieved these goals. Boom 97-3 is a great fit with our product lines and we were able dominate the airwaves during our peak season with an incredibly well-targeted interactive station premier feature. We had a lot of feedback from friends, family and of course, consumers.

We are in the process of evaluating specific confidential KPIs, but we’re confident that we will look to boom again for a similar opportunity next summer.

Marliese Paulozza
Digital and Communications Manager, Summer Fresh

Boom 97.3 is one of the BEST radio stations in the Toronto GTA. They have an amazing sales team and are knowledgeable leaders in the industry. Our clients definitely benefit from advertising on this station and is a must buy when reaching Adults 35-64 demographic.

Regina Hudson
Say Yeah!

It was something we wanted to try for a month. But, since the return was so great, we decided to do a second month and a third; then proceed into a sponsorship. Patients have called specifically mentioning they have heard us on 93.5. Your listeners trust you, they listen on a daily basis, so you have a credibility with them. As an advertising, we’re able to build a relationship with your audience. And your team has been great in helping us put together a campaign that speaks directly to your listeners.

Alina Tsymbalarou
Manager – Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

I’ve worked closely with Cheryl Foster for a couple of years now. Through persuasion and persistence she won a meeting with me, at a time when our radio budget was spent with a major competitor.

Cheryl took the time to understand our business and marketing goals. She expressed the need for effective radio creative to drive sales and enhance the Healthy Planet brand. She then took the initiative and worked closely with her Creative Team to produce excellent commercials to ultimately win our business.

These commercials have become the foundation of our radio strategy and today both Boom 97-3 and 93-5 The MOVE are integral to our marketing strategy and contribute greatly to our growth and success in the market.

Syed Rizvi
Director of Marketing & Sales, Healthy Planet


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